Off-Site Trips & On-Site Activities

Camp Jefferson Summer Day Camp offers its campers a variety of exciting on-site activities and off-site trips to exciting venues each week. Before registering your child for any given camp week, be sure to review the trip description for each week of camp that will be visible during the online registration process.


All trips are totally optional and incur additional fees to participate in order to cover admission and busing costs. The price of trips vary based on the venue and travel distance. If your child does not go on a trip on any given day of camp, he/she will enjoy a full day of camp under full supervision. Depending on numbers, groups may be combined.

On-Site Activities

As far as on-site activities, you will discover what's going on from the camp calendar that will be posted on this website for special entertainment, special camp-wide activities, the schedule for on-site water slides, and special treat days as well as the deadline to register for each specific week and all its options, the theme for the week, and the sports clinic being offered.

Some on-site activities including all Elective Classes are totally optional and incur additional fees to participate. In the Guide, you will find descriptions of each Elective Class offered to the campers as well as any cost associated with it. A camper choosing an elective will be escorted from his/her group to the elective's location by staff and returned to his/her regular camp group when the elective is over. Please do not overload a camper with more than 1 or 2 electives per day if any so they can enjoy the company of the campers in their regular group.