Copy of Non Phosphorous Ordinance


An ordinance of the Township of Jefferson relating to lawn fertilizer control within the Township of Jefferson properties

1.1 PURPOSE: The Township of Jefferson has determined that surface water quality, particularly the lakes within the Township, are being effected by phosphorous lawn fertilizers as a result of fertilizers entering the lakes from storm water run-off. The purpose of this ordinance is to promulgate regulation which shall aid the Township in manufacturing and improving surface water and lake resources and to protect the public health by regulating the application of fertilizers.


A. The term "lawn fertilizer" shall mean any substance used to increase soil fertility.


A. Fertilizer. Within the Township of Jefferson no person, firm, corporation or franchise shall apply liquid or granular fertilizer which contains phosphorous.

B. Time of Application. Lawn fertilizer applications shall not be applied when the ground is frozen.

C. Disposal of leaves and other vegetative material. No person shall deposit leaves or other vegetative materials on roads or within any lake or storm water drainage system.

D. Buffer zone. Fertilizer applications shall not be made within ten feet of any wetland or body of water.

1.4 EXEMPT: Newly established turf areas shall not be limited by this ordinance on the quantity of phosphorous for the first growing season.

1.5 CONCLUSIVE EVIDENCE: The public analysis by any manufacturer of fertilizer shall be accepted by a court of comparable jurisdiction as admissible evidence of the phosphorous content of any fertilizer used.

1.6 PENALTY PROVISION: Any person, firm, corporation or franchise who or which shall commit any act that is forbidden by the provisions of this Ordinance shall, for the first offense, receive warning and for any second or subsequent offense, shall be punished by a fine not to exceed $200 for each offense.

This ordinance shall take effect on November 1, 1999

Council of the Township of Jefferson

Dated February 17, 1999


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