The Mayor is the chief executive and administrative officer of the Township. He/she is responsible for the enforcement of the Municipal Charter and ordinances of the Township.  The Mayor has such other functions, powers and duties as are provided by the Charter or ordinance.  

The Mayor supervises all of the departments of the Township government to guarantee that the Administrator and the department heads conduct and maintain the established administrative policies and laws of the Township.  

The Mayor shall prepare a semiannual written report relative to the progress of each department, which reports shall be submitted to the Council for consideration.  The Mayor requires each department to make written reports of its work.  The Mayor may make written recommendations for action by the Council as deemed necessary for the public interest.  The Mayor shall submit in writing to the Municipal Clerk any changes in municipal personnel as they occur.  

Each year the Mayor must submit a written annual report on or before January 15th to the Council and the public on the work of the previous year, on the condition and requirements of the Township government for the current year and with a progress report as to all long-range plans for the Township.  

Appoints a secretary without advice and consent of the Council to serve the Mayor and Administration at the direction of the Mayor.  The term of the said secretary shall run concurrently with the term of the Mayor and shall automatically terminate upon the termination of the Mayor’s term, whether that be for the full term or for any reason prior to the expiration of the Mayor’s term.  

The Mayor also serves as the Director of Public Safety. Many would be surprised to know that the position of Mayor is a part-time elected position, while the Mayor does have regular office hours it is the Business Administrator that has the full-time responsibility of overseeing the day-to-day operation of many of the departments of the Municipality. 

Business Administrator

The Business Administrator is responsible to supervise and direct the administration of each of the department of the Township.  The Administrator is responsible to prepare and compile budget studies, analyses and scheduled, assist in the conduct of departmental budget hearing during the month of November in each year, and otherwise assist the Mayor in such manner as he/she shall require in the preparation of the annual municipal budget. 

The Business Administrator also develops and enforces rules and regulation for the efficient management of the Township government, for the avoidance of duplication or overlapping of efforts among departments for the improvement of methods and procedures of administration. 

The Business Administrator is also responsible for assigning office space, furniture and facilities among and within departments.  An inventory and deprecation schedule of all property owned by the Township, custody of all municipal property, real and personal, not assigned to any department is done by the Business Administrator. 

The Business Administrator is responsible to maintain and continue to review all federal and state aid programs of interested to the Township to halve ensure the Township shall receive all aids to which it may be legally entitled along with preparing the necessary applications.  The insurance program is administered through the Business Administrator.

The Business Administrator shall submit reports to the Mayor and Council semiannually concerning the status of all the department under his/her supervision.