Spring 2019

Happy Spring!

The snow has melted, the flowers are starting to bloom, and our residents are coming out of hibernation. This means more walkers, runners, and kids playing sharing our roadway. The number one complaint our police department receives is speeding and careless driving.

Please be careful out there, and please obey the posted speed limit and no texting while driving!

Our public works crews are out patching potholes, sweeping the streets and cleaning up after winter. If you need to report a repair, you can call public works direct at 973-697-2522 or submit online.

We have started up our Mayor Wellness Campaign thanks to my wife Kristine and have expanded our social media presence, updated the information on our web page and are working hard to keep our residents informed about the activities within our local government. We hope to launch a new user-friendly web page later this year. So be sure to like my Mayors Facebook page or the Jefferson Township Facebook page for event information for upcoming events.

I have been working with the Township Council on the 2019 Municipal Budget that we hope will meet the needs of our local government and our citizens.

My new Township Business Administrator Debra Millikin has finally started with us, and I am so excited to work with her to do great things for our local government and community.

Congratulations to our 2019 Citizen of the Year Janet Boetticher, well deserved!

The Liffy Island Bridge is almost complete; please take advantage of the great walking trail on the Prospect Point Preserve property.

Last, one of my many goals as Mayor is to get all our residents on the RAVE alert system so all can be better informed of emergencies, road closures, events, etc. Information is available on the Township home page.

Enjoy the warmer weather!