Building Permit Application Guidelines

Construction Plans

Construction Plans must be drawn by a homeowner or licensed architect. If drawn by an architect, the plans must be signed and sealed. It is illegal for builders to draw construction plans. Two copies of construction plans must be provided to the Building Department for review. One copy will be returned to the applicant.

Homeowner Drawing Construction Plans

A homeowner drawing their own plans must check part “B” on the inside of the CPA folder and sign the affidavit on the inside of the CPA folder or their plans may not be accepted for review. It is illegal for contractors to draw construction plans as they are not licensed or insured to do so.

Information for Applicants

Electrical and Plumbing work may be performed by the homeowner if he or she lives in the house. If he or she hires contractors, rents the residence, or if the work is performed on a commercial property, licensed electricians and plumbers must perform the work and they must provide their license numbers and sign and seal the electrical and plumbing applications.

All permits require a CPA folder and small Construction Permit, unless the application is to update an existing permit. For updates, no CPA folder is required; a “Permit Update” application is required instead of the “Construction Permit.” Permit applications cannot be faxed.

Samples of Application Forms

To view sample copies of the application forms, visit the State Division of Codes and Standards. Please be advised that copies of these forms are not acceptable as part of the construction application. Applicants must provide the original form with their application. Applications are available in the Building Department.


View the documents required by the Building Department.


  • Building Subcode Application is used for all construction work involving framing, sheetrocking, foundation work, etc., including but not limited to:
    • Additions
    • Decks
    • Finished basements
    • Hot tubs
    • New homes
    • Pools
    • Radon systems
    • Roofing/siding
    • Sheds
  • Certificate for use as Certificate of Occupancy or Approval.
  • Construction Permit is required with all new permits. Summarizes work and fees.
  • CPA folder is required with all new permits, not updates. Identification section and block and lot must be filled out on front. The inside cover must be signed by agent or applicant. If homeowner will perform his or her own work (part C), draw their own plans (part B) or build a home for their own use (part A), they must sign affidavit on inside. The Health Department and Utility Department may be required to sign the inside cover for approval of pools, construction or Certificates of Occupancy.
  • Electrical Subcode Application (pink) must be sealed by licensed contractor* used for additions, new homes, electric service, pumps, alarm systems, radon, air conditioning systems, appliances, hot tubs, pools, etc.
  • Fire Subcode Application (orange) is for smoke detectors, fireplaces; also for commercial-use oil tanks, renovations/additions, mechanical systems, etc.
  • Mechanical Subcode Application is for residential use only. Boilers, furnaces, Air Conditioning system, oil tank removal/installation, etc.
  • Permit Update is used only for updates to issued permits. Same purpose as C.P.
  • Plumbing Subcode Application (blue) must be sealed by licensed contractor used for:
    • Air conditioning
    • Boilers
    • Gas or oil piping
    • Heating systems
    • New homes
    • Plumbing fixtures
    • Pool heaters
    • Water or sewer service connections
  • Soil Disturbance—for use with new homes, additions, in-ground pools, etc.