Records Search

Use the Tax Records Search Application to search out publicly available information for properties in Jefferson Township.

The search feature can find a property by block and lot, owner’s name or street address. Placing partial information in any one of these search fields will result in a list matching the typed criteria.(I.e. if you are looking for an address on Notch Road, type “Notch” in the street name field and a list of all addresses on Notch Road will be displayed.) The results list has a hyper link to each parcel listed.

Property Information

  • Additional information displays building square footage, year built, land dimension, style, zoning and neighborhood.
  • Owner information is provided from the tax assessment records. This is updated in real-time with changes in the assessment office.
  • Recent sales is a basic analytical process that will display the top 20 sales over the past 2 years that are ranked based on:
    • Acreage
    • Neighborhood
    • Square Footage
    • Style
  • Sales history recording information for past transactions

Property Card

This navigation button produces a PDF version of a tax assessment property record card. Dimensions and calculations for the land and improvement values are included with a photo of the main structure.


All digital images taken during the revaluation in 2005 are displayed.

Tax Map

This is integrated with the Morris County Geographic Information System (GIS) program and will display the tax map boundaries on top of aerial photography.