Notify the Tax Collector of Changes

Please notify the Tax Collector’s Office if:

  • You change your mailing address - Our records need to be changed so you will receive all information and bills on the properties that you own in Jefferson Township. The Post Office will not deliver your bill if you are using a Post Office Box and our records only show a street address.
  • You pay off your mortgage and pay your own taxes - The Tax Collector’s Office keeps track of who is responsible for paying the taxes. If there are any changes in your account, it is revised so future mailings will go to the proper place. If you have a bank or mortgage company escrowing your taxes, they receive the original of any bills or mailings and you will receive a copy. If you pay your own taxes, you receive original bills or mailings.
  • You sell your home, bring your tax bill to the closing. It is important to give it to the new owners so have the tax information to continue paying the tax bill.
  • Your bank or mortgage company changes