Recycling & Garbage Collection

Message from the Mayor: 

At the September 15 Council meeting, a five-year garbage/recycling bid was approved and adopted. Blue Diamond was the only bidder, and we were pleased with the bid, which we felt came in better than expected. We truly expected the cost to go through the roof. All will stay the same except, due to the escalating cost of recycling, beginning January 1st, we will have to go back to dual-stream recycling, which means separating cardboard and plastics once again and each will be picked up on alternating weeks. The survey results received on the garbage/recycling contract were used to help guide the Township in preparing and deciding which bid option to choose. The results indicated the overwhelming consensus was that our residents were very pleased with our garbage/recycling program. The Municipality is not required to collect garbage; if each homeowner was to contract independently, the cost would be significantly higher. The average cost increase will be approximately $27.96 for 2021 based on an average assessed home of $320,919.00.

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