The Camp Jefferson Summer Day Camp offers the following menu at its Canteen during camp lunch day at 12 pm to 1 pm and during After Care. Canteen Coupon Books are required for campers to purchase items from canteen.

Rates & Options

Bottled Water, Soda, Iced Tea, Lemonade, Pop-Tarts$1.00
Fruit snacks, Rice Krispie Treats, Popcorn (Mini Micro Bag)$0.75
Granola Bars, Chips, Ice Pops, Fudge Bars, and Ice Cream novelties  $0.50
Juice Boxes, YooHoo Chocolate Drink$1.00
Slushies - 8 Flavors to Choose from!$1.50

Slushie Flavors

  • Blue Raspberry
  • Cherry
  • Cotton Candy
  • Frozen Orange Frenzy
  • Green Apple Ice
  • Lemon-Lime
  • Polar Purple Shiver
  • Watermelon

Optional Purchases

Canteen purchases are totally optional, and it is up to the parent/guardian to allow a camper to make refreshment and snack purchases at the Canteen. Insulated water coolers are placed all over the camp with ice water and are available to all campers all through the camp day.

Canteen Coupon Books are required for campers to make purchases at canteen. You can purchase a Canteen Coupon Book from the Recreation Office. The Coupon Book will have your child's name on it, and it will be kept on file in the Canteen. The books are $10 and contain coupons totaling $10.

When your child approaches the Canteen window to make a purchase, the attendant will use the child's available coupons. When the book is close to being empty, the attendant will give the child a reminder notice to bring home so the parent/guardian can decide whether to purchase another book. If you wish to set purchase limits per day, please speak to your child - due to high volume, we cannot guarantee dollar amounts being spent on any given day. Consider buying canteen books on a weekly basis to ensure your spending limits.

Food Allergies

Parents whose children have food allergies are asked not to purchase canteen books but send in snacks that are safe for their child.