Field Rules

Baseball/Softball Field Use Policies & Practices

Jefferson Township Parks & Recreation Department

This list is merely a guideline for coaches and league officials to give them an understanding of what they can and can't do with regards to field maintenance on Jefferson Township ball fields. If there is any doubt in field conditions or what to do when faced with poor conditions please call the Parks and Recreation Department during operating hours at 973-663-8404. When faced with poor field conditions always air on the side of caution. When in doubt sit it out! Please keep in mind that overworking wet clay may result in worse conditions. Any disregard for this policy will result in possible loss of field permits and/or other consequences including financial penalties.


  • Use the field during inclement weather or remove/ignore closed field signs/flags
  • Start or stop the drag equipment at the same point - Please alternate
  • Use any type of vehicle to pull the hand drag
  • Drag the field closer than 1 foot to the edge of the grass
  • Drag clay onto grass
  • Sweep water off clay and into the grass
  • Mix dirt with clay on the field to make repairs
  • Soft toss against any field fence with a hard ball
  • Use kitty litter or sand on any part of the field
  • Use garden lime to line fields - use only approved NCAA field lime
  • Line outfield grass for any reason.We paint it for you!
  • Use the field when it is not playable


  • Turn off lights especially when game/practice is canceled for any reason
  • Hand drag the field prior to every practice or game
  • Keep the drag 1 foot away from the edge of the grass
  • Rake away from the grass, when grooming the infield
  • Use a bucket or hand pump to remove standing water. Inquire with the Parks Department for type of hand pumps to purchase.
  • Rake clay towards home plate and pitching rubber
  • Fill in all holes around bases and pitching rubber before and after field use
  • Pick up litter prior to leaving the ball field
  • Close and lock all gates
  • Remove bases when done using field and insert plugs
  • Turn off lights, clean and lock bathrooms/concession stands each night