Bingo & Raffles

Please call 973-208-6132/33 for assistance or to make an appointment to submit your bingo or raffles application; or email

Forms for Raffles and Bingos can be found on the State’s Legalized Games of Chance Control Commission (LGCCC) website:


General Information for Gaming by Non-Profit Organizations can be found at:


The Township Clerk will review the documents needed in the Bingo or Raffles packet, which will include:

-4 notarized copies of the application

-original license from the LGCCC

-check for the LGCCC

-check for the municipal fee


Other documents may include:

-Sample ticket if Raffles is “off-premise”

-Schedule of games for Bingo

-Bingo Statement of Landlord

-Statement of Raffle Equipment Supplier (Form 13 – Carnivals/Casino Nights)