Public Participation Plan

The Township of Jefferson complies with Federal Transit Law 49 United States Code (USC) Chapter 53, Section 5307 (d)(1)(l) by developing a locally written process for soliciting and considering public comment before raising a fare or carrying out a major service reduction. In addition, the following public outreach and participation plan meets the requirements of U.S. DOT Order 5610.2(a), Actions to Address Environmental Justice in Minority Populations and Low-Income Populations, FTA C 4703.1 Environmental Justice.

The Township of Jefferson employs several means to communicate to the general public regarding the activities it performs including limited-English proficient (LEP) and minority populations affected. These include Public Information and Notifications.


The Township of Jefferson publishes notices, brochures and tables regarding the Township of Jefferson’s proposals and programs, including how the public can obtain information and make comments, where meetings are to take place, and other applicable information. The notices for public input are posted 30 days in advance so the public has time to consider proposals and make comments. The notice methods include one or more of the following:

  • Customer newsletters (print and email)
  • Email blasts and alerts via text or email
  • On bus announcements
  • Press releases to local and state media
  • Rack cards/”take ones” placed throughout the Township of Jefferson municipal offices/lobby
  • Website links and articles

Meeting Locations

The Township of Jefferson meets with the public in locations that have convenient access to transit and are centrally located so that anyone in its service area can attend meetings and receive information about any Township of Jefferson activities that will impact them, especially LEP and minority populations. Meetings are held as needed and can be done at several times of the day for easier access. All public meeting locations will be accessible to those with disabilities. If notified five days prior to the meeting, language or hearing interpreters will be made available.

Public Meeting Forums

If at any time, an individual would like to leave oral comments regarding the Jefferson Township Dial A Ride program, the individual may do so by calling the Dial A Ride office at 973-208-6123.
On critical issues such as major service changes, the Township of Jefferson will conduct a public meeting that utilizes one-on-one interviews with customers. The Township of Jefferson staff will prepare proposals in sufficient detail and make available prior to the meeting for interested individuals. Since each customer can be affected differently than another customer, obtaining comments this way allows for an individualized response to an individual need. The Township of Jefferson staff will conduct personal interviews and transcribe oral comments if written comments are not possible. 

Sign-Up for Meetings

Meetings will have sign-up sheets available and if no one is in attendance, staff will wait for 10 minutes and then announce the reason for the meeting, a statement that no one is in attendance and close the meeting. Customers are also able to leave audio messages on an advertised phone number prior to the advertised deadline for public feedback and the comments are transcribed for the Township of Jefferson’s analysis along with all public feedback received. The public comments are presented at a Town Council meeting so that they are part of the decision making process.


The Township of Jefferson provides a detailed policy including current rules, regulations, and a registration form to apply for use of services. Any changes to the policy will be updated and reposted. Any person wishing to obtain this written policy in another language may contact the Township of Jefferson at 973-697-1500. Please note that the Township of Jefferson currently does not have online registration. The forms must be downloaded filled out and sent in. Send completed forms or requests for a blank registration to:
The Township of Jefferson
C/O Dial A Ride Services
1033 Weldon Road
Lake Hopatcong, NJ 07849