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The Jefferson Township Historical Society was incorporated on July 1, 1971, as Jefferson Township Committee for 1976. The main purpose of the group was the restoration of the Headley Homestead (Weldon Road) and the maintenance of this historic site. Unfortunately, they were not successful and the building was torn down and is presently a school bus parking lot. Undaunted the group continued and is ever active. 

The original six trustees of the corporation were: Ray Burket, Robert Govero, Leslie L. Post, Elizabeth Y. Riggs, Donald Rutsch and David Wilson. It was received by Frank A. Headley, County Clerk July 29, 1971 at 11 am. This is so listed in Book 82 Page 57 under Title 15.

In October 2012, the Jefferson Township Historical Society was formally incorporated as Jefferson Township Historical Society, Inc, dropping the reference to Jefferson Township Committee for 1976.

Mission Statement

The purpose of the Jefferson Township Historical Society is to preserve and promote the history of Jefferson Township and to maintain the George Chamberlain House, known as the Jefferson Township Museum, as a historic site for this and future generations.


For more information about becoming a member of the Historical Society view our membership page.

Membership Application (PDF)

The Jefferson Township Historical Society is a non-profit organization with a 501c3 status.

Historical Society Docent & Guide Search

Do you have a love of all things Victorian? Do you appreciate the storied history of Jefferson Township and the local areas of Milton and Oak Ridge?  Do you like working with the public?

If so, we’d LOVE to talk to you! 

The Jefferson Township Historical Society is currently seeking to add new docents and guides to the staff at the Jefferson Township Museum, the George Chamberlain House located at 315 Dover-Milton Road in Jefferson, NJ. 

Docents and guides at our Museum will:

  • Meet and greet visitors during the Museum’s regularly scheduled Open House dates and special exhibitions (Christmas in the Village, Pathways of History Historic Home Tour, etc.)
  • Direct visitors foot traffic and access in the museum during peak periods
  • Discuss aspects of the Chamberlain family, local history, the museum and its furnishings and exhibitions.
  • Assist with display and exhibit setup at the museum as needed.
  • Assist with organization for special museum events as needed. 
  • Membership in the Jefferson Township Historical Society is required.

Docents and guides are traditionally required to dress in period-appropriate Victorian attire during visiting hours at the museum; we will assist you in providing costumes for your use. While not mandatory, we sometimes travel to outside venues in costume, serving as liaisons for the Jefferson Township Historical Society, providing information about our museum—and our Victorian clothing—to the general public.

We look forward to meeting you.

Please contact 

Altaira Howanice, Museum Director 

Jefferson Township Historical Society/ 

George Chamberlain House 

Phone: 973-479-5106 

 Email: museum.jhs@jeffersontownship.net


Historical Society Docent Search

Pictured Amanda Howanice and Ron East