Museum Christmas

Museum Christmas 2021 “All Aboard for Christmas” has gracefully entered the history books. The two day event welcomed over 450 guests through the Museum and outside patio area. Planning for this event began last year. Outdoor decorating started before Thanksgiving with township workers bringing the vintage sleigh from storage and placing it for the season. Museum Garden Club members then began decorating the outside window boxes and railings. Wooden gingerbread boys and girls were put into the gardens and the reindeer were attached to the sleigh. The North Pole got walked across the bridge and put into its stand. On loan from the Jefferson Arts Committee were two solders that graced our sign and the photo op solder in the front of our outbuilding. The talented garden club members magically transformed each room of the Museum to go with the train theme. Guests were greeted by Mrs. Claus as they entered the building. Elegantly dressed guides welcomed the guests throughout the first two floors as they interacted with them. Miss Elizabeths Shoppe was packed with wonderful Christmas gifts. Membership and general information was available on the patio along with deliciously baked and donated goodies. Our traditional hot mulled cider and hot chestnuts served so graciously next to the pot-bellied stove was as always a big hit. It was a weekend of delighted children holding their tickets and bells and equally delighted adults appreciating the work that went into this event. You all made it happen and I thank you for again making the Jefferson Museum the gem of the township.