Museum Gift Shoppe

Miss Elizabeth’s Shoppe 

Affectionately named after the Museum’s first bride, Ruth Elizabeth Speaker Chamberlain. Located in the restored kitchen of the building, shoppe keepers will explain how Elizabeth prepared food for the family sending it to the upstairs dining room via a restored dumb waiter. They will show you where the kitchen sink pump was and tell you why the walls are painted yellow and the why the restored floors where all once covered in linoleum.  The Hoosier cabinet, a precursor of sanitary food preparation is used to display vintage, unique and artisan items. 

The Shoppe carries a large display of reproduced postcards of numerous sites and buildings throughout the township. Historic reproduction maps and notecards with images of the Museum are also available. Beautiful cut glass, vintage dishware and lovely dolls along with vintage jewelry make up a large part of what is offered in the shoppe. Handcrafted quilts from local quilters and hand knitted scarves are beautifully displayed for sale. 


During Museum Christmas weekend the entire shop is changed to everything Christmas. 


Miss Elizabeth’s Shoppe is open the first Sunday of each month 1 PM - 4 PM from April to December.