Office of Emergency Management Alerts

RAVE Emergency Alerts

Jefferson Township Office of Emergency Management is pleased to announce it is switching from Honeywell Instant Alert to RAVE for its emergency and community broadcast messages. RAVE Alerting will provide the Township with many more tools than the Honeywell system. Residents can still receive alerts by phone, text message, and email. However, this switch will require residents to sign up again to receive alerts.

Create an Account

Create a new RAVE account register to receive rave alerts or login to your RAVE account to change or add information. View additional instructions on setting up an account (PDF)

Please keep the following in mind when creating an account:

  • When selecting a password, it requires 8 characters, 1 upper case alpha, 1 lower case alpha, 1 number, 1 special character/symbol !@#$%^&*,?<>|-_=+ and no more than two consecutive identical characters.
  • When you initially sign up, you can enter only one phone number, which you must confirm. Once you have confirmed your phone number (you will either get a phone call or a text with instructions on how to confirm it), you can log back into your account and add other phone numbers, names, and much more information.
  • Please keep your account up to date (i.e, if you change cell phone number , email address, etc.). Cell phone numbers are recycled by wireless providers, and should you change yours and do not update your account, your old number may be reassigned to a person who does not wish to receive Jefferson Township RAVE Alerts and they will then start receiving alerts meant for you (and you will not receive those alerts). It is recommended that you check the box (during sign up) so that you receive a reminder from RAVE to update your account.
  • If you have any difficulty setting up or accessing your account, please contact Shelley Ebbinghouser in the Police Chief's Office for assistance at 973-208-6151.

How to Stop Receiving RAVE Messages if you have moved out of town