On-Site Activities


You will discover what’s going on daily from the camp calendar which includes:

  • Weekly theme
  • Daily elective classes
  • Special entertainment
  • Special camp-wide activities
  • Scheduled on-site waterslides
  • Special treat days
  • The deadline to register for each week and the corresponding activities

Some on-site activities including all Elective Classes are totally optional and incur additional fees to participate. Here you will find full descriptions of all electives offered.

A camper choosing an elective will be escorted from his/her group to the elective’s location by staff and returned to his/her regular camp group when the elective is over. Please do not overload a camper with more than 1 or 2 electives per day if any so they can enjoy the company of the campers in their regular group.


Additional on-site programs/activities may be added during the camp season and all these programs/activities are subject to cancellation or change. Not all activities listed occur every week nor are available for all ages.

  • DJ Earl Dance Parties
  • Game/ Sports Competitions
  • Themed Parades
  • Magic Show
  • Costume Contests
  • Inflatable Water Slide every week
  • J.T. Fire Company Camper "Wet Downs"
  • Field Games
  • Camp BBQ
  • And more!