Economic Development Advisory Board


The purpose of this board is to foster the development of new and diverse small businesses throughout the community. 

Explore innovative ideas to attract new businesses to the community in order to create new ratables to help stabilize taxes and offer our residents a vibrant & diverse business community.


Citizen members shall be 3 years each except that the terms of not more than 3 member shall expire in any one year the non-citizen members shall serve during the term of their office, except that the council members shall serve for a period of 1 year as appointed by the council.

Composed of 9 citizen members appointed by the mayor that either are residents or own/operate a business in the town. in addition the township planner, mayor, administrator, and 2 council representatives appointed by council are also members of the board.


The Economic Development Advisory Board meets the 4th Tuesday of the month at 7:30 PM, all meetings shall be open to the public. The board shall file quarterly reports with the mayor and councils to its progress and recommendations. It may file additional reports as it deems necessary.

Board Member Term Term Expires
Councilman H. Ronald Smith 1 Year 12/31/21
Charlie Oberman 1 Year 12/31/21
Steve Rush 1 Year 12/31/21
Vince Matrisciano 2 Years 12/31/21
Jimmy Seretis 2 Years 12/31/21
Bret Hartman 2 Years 12/31/21
Will Felegi 3 Years 12/31/22
Patricia Fallon 3 Years 12/31/22
Lynette Skok 3 Years 12/31/22
Kim Finnegan 2 Years 12/31/21
Councilwoman Melissa Senatore 2 Years 12/31/21