Summer 2020


Eric F. Wilsusen

Summer 2020 

Happy Summer Jefferson! 

As a I put this message together, we are still working through COVID 19, the Governor has been issuing so many executive orders I can’t keep up or keep it straight! Our numbers have certainly leveled off, we are still seeing cases so please be diligent, and we are seeing spikes elsewhere around the Country. Public meetings have been difficult, I certainly miss not meeting in person and in particular being able to recognize our citizens good work in a public forum. We are still taking appointments for public business at the municipal building so please call ahead to the department to set up an appointment. Our offices are closed to the public so all business is only being conducted in the municipal building lobby. 

Our 2020 road resurfacing program is nearly completed. We started a new road maintenance program called cape seal or micro pave. This is not to replace hot asphalt paving but to extend the life of the road especially if the road base is in decent shape. The process is used all over the Country, extensively in Sparta but new to Jefferson. I appreciate the residents’ patience during the two step process, especially the oil & chip, but once complete I think everyone will appreciate the results. This will also help to maintain our roads and extend the life in a cost efficient way. 

A new garbage/recycling bid has been put together as our current contract expires at the end of 2020. While the Township is not required to collect garbage & recycling the Municipality takes advantage of the power of numbers to get the best price so each resident doesn’t have to do so on their own as many towns do. I thank all for taking part in our garbage survey, it will certainly help to guide us in awarding the next contract to be a cost effective as possible. 

Many residents have shared with me their appreciation for keeping everyone informed during the Corona crisis. We are working hard to communicate the best we can with our residents on all matters from Corona to road closures. Please be sure to sign up for our RAVE messages, or follow our social media, or go to our webpage for the latest information. 

Speeding vehicles is probably the number one complaint town wide. I ran across a program in Milltown, NJ called "Slow down in our town" that I thought would work well here in Jefferson and requested our police department implement to bring awareness. While our police cannot be everywhere and we do not have enough radar signs to go around, if every resident did their part to pay attention to their speed while driving our roads it could make a big difference. 

Please continue to support our local businesses 

Enjoy the warmer weather!