Energy Aggregation Program Resources

Jefferson Township is pleased to announce that we have joined the Morris Area Energy Cooperative’s (MAEC) Energy Aggregation Program and the program will begin in March 2021 for all eligible Township residents. In addition to Jefferson Township, the MAEC also includes the following 12 towns: The Borough of Bay Head, the Borough of Wharton, the Borough of Florham Park, the Borough of Lincoln Park, Long Hill Township, the Borough of Mendham, Mine Hill Township, the Borough of Mount Arlington, the Borough of Riverdale, the Borough of Rockaway, the Borough of Union Beach, and the Town of Dover.

The key benefit to the Energy Aggregation Program is that the program offers residents a reduced rate over the term of the contract versus JCP&L’s current price to compare on the supply portion of your electric bill. A large portion of those savings will find their way back into the local economy, benefiting the entire community!

Other benefits of joining Include:

  • Participating residents will still receive one bill per month from JCP&L.
  • The rate offered is a flat rate that will be the same from month to month.
  • Budget billing will be offered to any current budget bill plan customer.
  • There are no fees to be a part of the program.
  • You will continue to call JCP&L for service-related questions and outages.

The program for Jefferson Township residents will begin in March 2021 and continue through November 2021, at a rate of $0.0869/kWh. The MAEC’s current third-party energy supplier is IDT Energy, Inc., located in Newark, New Jersey.

Please be advised that if you have already chosen a third-party supplier for electric supply service on your own, or, have solar panels at your home, you will not be enrolled in the program, however, you may elect to join the program at any time. All eligible residents, which means residents that do not fit the criteria listed in the sentence above, will be automatically enrolled in the program, unless they decide to opt out. More information on the program as well as how to opt out is included in the mailer you received and can also be found at the following link:

Please note: No one will be calling or knocking on your door regarding this program. All information regarding this program is mailed through the US Postal Service. Please be wary of anyone trying to get your information otherwise. In addition, all current services such as delivery, meter readings, billing, payments, emergency services etc., are serviced through JCP&L, just as they are today.

Click here to view the full announcement (PDF)

Click here for additional information in the MAEC Outreach Kit (PDF)


Please call 866-688-5197 or visit

NJ Board of Public Utilities-Government Energy Aggregation Program website:

MAEC video explaining the Energy Aggregation Program