Spring 2021


Eric F. Wilsusen

Spring 2021 

Happy Spring! I looked back at my Mayor’s Message from last Spring; it brings me back to one year ago when we began to see all the lockdowns and Executive Orders we are still dealing with today. March 10th was the first recorded COVID-19 death. I would never have imagined coming in as a new Mayor that dealing with a pandemic would be in my future! While it has undoubtedly been difficult for all in so many different ways, I have hope that we have turned a corner and better days are ahead. We are not entirely out of the woods yet; our positive numbers have still been increasing, so please continue to be diligent with all the issued protocols. 

As part of my promise to provide more transparency and better communication with our community, after launching a new user-friendly webpage, our RAVE notification, and continuous presence on social media, we are now issuing a spring & fall township newsletter. Many find our web page and other platforms useful, but I know we have a segment of the population that is not on all these platforms, so I hope many will find the newsletter helpful. 

My administration has been working with the Township Council on the 2021 Municipal Budget over the past few months. After many weeks of meetings, we introduced the municipal budget on March 24th . Last year we were ahead of the game, and it benefited us in road projects; we hope to do the same this year. Road paving bids came in less than expected last year, and we could get a few extra roads paved. We will post a list of roads anticipated to be paved or cape sealed this year on our webpage. At the February 17th Council meeting, my administration presented our 10-year strategic capital plan. This plan was a hallmark for my administration and a promise I made coming into office to institute such a plan for our local government. The plan will be a tremendous tool to help us see into the future to better plan, especially for the significant cost items such as infrastructure, equipment, facilities, etc. 

We are evaluating all Spring & Summer programs, including Camp Jefferson, Jefferson Fest; of course, it all depends if any of the Governor’s Executive Orders are relaxed going forward. We are making plans as we speak to get our Camp open this summer, even if it has to be in a modified way. 

At the beginning of the year, I solicit applications from the community for our Citizen of the Year for the previous year; each year, I receive many well-deserving individuals. I thank them all for what they do for our community. This year it would have been challenging to pick just one person, given all we have been through this past year. So many did so much. This year I have decided to make all our “Front Line Workers” our Citizen of the year for 2020. This honor goes to all our police, fire, EMS, nurses, doctors, health care, grocery store employees, and all those who went above and beyond during this pandemic. I am more than proud to be the Mayor of the incredible community. So many people pulled together, neighbors helping neighbors, supporting our frontline health care employees, making masks, you name it. I have no doubt we will come out of this stronger. If there is anything positive that has come out of this is; we can truly appreciate what is important. 

Enjoy the warmer weather as Spring finally arrives!