Fall 2022


Eric F. Wilsusen

Happy Fall! This is one of my favorite times of year here in Jefferson! Unfortunately, I think the dry summer will damper the beautiful colors this season.  

You may have heard a rumor that sewers may be coming to the Lake Hopatcong section of the community. I am trying to be optimistic, as this would be huge for the health of Lake Hopatcong, but I wouldn't hold off if you need a new septic in the near future! I did announce over the summer that Congresswoman Sherill requested $91 million for such a project. The request has passed the House in the Water Resources Development Act, but it was not in the Senate version. On a call with Senator Booker's office on September 7th, the Senator supported the request, and the two bills are in what is known as reconciliation. I will be sure to keep the community informed on this matter. 

All of our road improvement projects are finishing up for the year. Lake Shawnee needed quite a bit of drainage replacement before any paving could occur, and those projects continue. NJ Natural Gas will be paving the remaining portion of West Shawnee, and we budgeted to complete the remaining side streets. Hoping we can get to paving the side streets this year, and it looks like West Shawnee may have to wait until Spring. 

Once again, I am putting out a plea to our community looking for volunteers to serve on our Municipal Alliance Committee for a Drug-Free Community. This committee is a Mayor appointed Township Committee whose primary mission is to study the causes and prevention of drug and alcohol abuse and support programming to help combat it in our community. We have had some recent retirements, the current membership is dwindling, and the few remaining are getting tired, including my wife. This committee has been around since the 1970s and has done great work in the community. If you have any interest or would like more information, please reach out to my office. 

I need to shout out to Terri McCarney on her recent retirement from the Township. Terri has been very active in our community for a very long time. Many know her as the Camp Director for Camp Jefferson, where she served for many years and always did a great job. We wish her well!

I also would like to welcome a few new businesses to town!  I have been busy doing a few ribbon cuttings since my last newsletter. All Roads Bakery on Route 15, Francos Bagel & Deli on Route 15, Peaks Yoga on Berkshire Valley, and Top Tier Dance on Berkshire Valley, and I will be getting to Auto Magic on Espanong in October. You may have also heard that the Old Ringling Manor was recently sold. The rumor is true, and the closing was in August. The new owners would like to restore the building to its original glory and use it as an assisted living facility. The new owners have been in contact with my Administration, but no official plans have been presented yet and will require some land use approvals. Please do your best to support all our local businesses.

Sad to say, it is now time to statrt to get ready for winter! Thank you to our public works/rec/utility employees for all their hard work all year long especially in the winter. We have a small crew  but they do an outstanding job!  As we move into winter, we ask that you remove any basketball hoops and other playground objects in the roadway and a reminder that overnight parking is prohibited especially when roads are icy or snow-covered.

Enjoy the beautiful fall colors!