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December 11, 2022 8:00 AM

Winter Storm Reminders

With winter in full swing and our first storm on the horizon, we would like to remind residents of the ordinances regarding snow.

407-7 Prohibited parking.
Parking of vehicles on Township Streets during snow removal and/or salting operations, or when there is at least 1/4 inch of accumulation of snow or ice on the roadway is prohibited.

We also respond to residents placing snow or ice on the roadway while clearing your driveways and vehicles.
407-4 Deposit of Snow on Streets Prohibited:
No person, firm or corporation, the owner, tenant or occupant of any premises abutting on any street, shall throw, place or deposit any snow or ice into or upon any street in said Township, it being the intent and purpose of this provision to prohibit all persons from throwing, casting, placing or depositing snow and ice upon the streets in the Township of Jefferson.

DPW is also asking residents to remove obstructions from the side of the roadway, such as basketball hoops

Check on your neighbors who may need assistance during this storm, and avoid, if possible, any unnecessary travel when snow removal operations are in effect. Thank you for your assistance. This will help DPW clear the roadway quickly and avoid unnecessary damage.

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