Who does my complaint of discrimination go to?

Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) complaints of discrimination are directed to Grace Rhinesmith (Director of Recreation), Mayor Eric Wilsusen, and Business Administration (to be contacted by phone at 973-208-6102). All complaints are to be considered so long as it is 180 days from the date of the potential discrimination. Jefferson Township Dial-A-Ride's goal is to respond to any and all complaints in a timely manner and provide appropriate assistance to the public. Jefferson Township Dial-A-Ride asks that complainants leave their contact information so their dissatisfaction can be followed up with.


Jefferson Township Dial-A-Ride intends to complete cases within 90 days of the date received so long as further investigation is not necessary. Delay in resolution may occur if the complainant does not provide efficient or any contact information. Upon completion of the complaint, the complainant will obtain a notice of finding via which ever contact is preferred and or given. If no form of contact is given, the results of the investigation will be held for three years or more. To check the status of a complaint, the Jefferson Township Dial-A-Ride can be contacted at any time during business hours to follow up with the complainant.

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